The Difference Between 350g and 500g cakes


Does 500gram mean it's louder than 200 or 300 gram cake?



Hello Kyland,

The grams are the amount of pyrotechnic powders used in creating the firework. By law, in the USA, we are allowed up to 500 grams in one single cake or box firework. So when you have more powder you might have more sound or more color or both. It depends on what the manufacturer has done with the powder inside. You can have a 200 or 300 gram aerial cake that is louder than a very colorful 500 gram. Any cake over 200 grams is also considered a 500 gram cake. If you look on the box you will see "Up to 500 grams". That is because they are allowed to have 500 grams of powder, but not all do. It is a highly regulated industry and all of the shells and mortars are loaded by hand in China. If a worker happens to be having a bad day and goes over the limit, and then is tested by the government, and it fails, they lose all of that work and probably then some. So they usually pack a little less. If you want louder go with your 60 gram canister shells. These are products like the Lock & Load, AR15 and our very own We Salute You! mortar kits. Since they are allowed up to 60 grams of powder in each shell they have a very loud BOOM! when they break 200 feet in the sky! Hope this helps.


Keep On Shooting,