Make Fireworks A Part Of Your Wedding Experience

Make Fireworks a Part of Your Wedding Experience

By: Gemma Baines

Most couples want their wedding day to be truly memorable and to go off with a bang! When you choose to make fireworks a part of your wedding experience, that’s exactly what you’ll get. There are a variety of different ways you can use fireworks during your big day, and making them a big part of your wedding experience is likely to be much easier than you think:

Choose The Fireworks That Are Right For You

There are a myriad of ways that you can choose to incorporate fireworks into your special day, from something simple to add a little extra sparkle, to a huge display that will make the fireworks on the 4th of July seem insignificant! If you’re on a budget and just want to add a small taste of pyrotechnics to your wedding day then giving your guests sparklers is a lot of fun and will make for some really fun and memorable photographs too: why not try using your sparklers to write out significant words or messages? An aisle of sparklers can also make a really pretty wedding reception exit. If you want to add a little more light to your wedding, but without the crackle and boom associated with traditional fireworks then releasing sky lanterns can look incredibly beautiful and sophisticated, and are also a much more affordable option than a full fireworks display. For an extra sentimental touch your guests can wright messages of love and well wishes and attach them to each lantern before it is released into the sky. Finally if you want an all-out banging, bright, and unforgettable display then add some pizzazz with a traditional firework spectacular to end your wedding day. After all, fireworks are often associated with grand gestures of love, so why not literally end your wedding day and start your marriage with a bang? Mess's Fireworks is your best Northeastern Pennsylvania source for everything Big, Blasty and Awesome when you are setting up your own wedding or event display.

Practical Considerations

There are some practical considerations that you should bear in mind before you book a fireworks experience as part of your dream wedding day. If you’re keen to incorporate a fireworks display into your wedding then it’s important that you ensure your venue will allow fireworks before you select that venue: some venues are happy to accommodate your needs whilst others are unable to do so for safety purposes.  Those venues that do allow fireworks might only allow them if you are working in conjunction with a professional display company or have a permit, so putting on your own display might not be allowed, unless you are organising your wedding on either your own grounds or on private grounds. If you are a Pennsylvania resident just print off a permit application here and have it signed by a town official. You should also check with your own wedding insurance provider to ensure that your policy will cover incorporating fireworks into your wedding: if not, you may well have to extend your policy or add a new clause to ensure that you are totally protected. Whilst some of these challenges may well sound negative, they are generally quick and easy to overcome, and certainly shouldn’t put you off incorporating a fireworks display experience as part of your wedding day and ensuring that you have the kind of wedding your guests will never stop talking about, for all the right reasons.

Think Outside of the Box                                          

There are so many ways to incorporate fireworks into your wedding than you might originally think, so if you’re looking to add as much sparkle and light into your special day as possible then all you have to do is think outside of the box. You could use sparklers as wedding favors for each of your guests, use mini indoor fireworks for your wedding cake topper (sure to make the cake cutting photo one you’ll want to keep forever), or even have a sparkler or firework display accompany your first dance.

Realistically, the amount of fireworks and the scale of the display you can have on your wedding day will depend on your budget. The longer you want your fireworks display to last, and the bigger the bangs, the more expensive it will be. However, with so many different options available, even the bride with the most restrictive budget will be able to enjoy incorporating fireworks into her dream wedding day.