High Flying Fireworks

Ask Mel


Hey Mel,

What is the highest one of your big fireworks will go?


Brian L, Windsor, NY


Hello Brian,

Here at Mess's we carry all of the "big stuff". If it is legal in the United States, we have it!

You can tell how high an artillery shell or cake firework is going to go up by the size of the shell or the mortar tube if pre loaded. A typical 500 gram finale cake will have anywhere from 9 up to 200 plus shots. Usually the less amount of shots means the bigger the break and the higher they will go. If a cake has 9 - 2 inch tubes then the shots will go up and break at 200 feet. 100 feet for every inch of tube. 

To answer your question of what is the highest firework we have here; The 3" 500 gram professional racks will go up 300 feet before they break. They are the biggest firework that you can buy as a consumer and without a license in the U.S. You will also find that the larger rockets will also go up around 300 feet. Sometimes even higher!

Thanks for the question Brian and...

Keep on shooting,