Do You Honor Competitor BOGO Coupons?

Ask Mel



I saw on your website that you match any competitions prices and coupons? Keystone has buy one get one free on just about everything they sell but they are 3 hours away from me and your way closer. Do you value their adds???



Hello John! That is a great question and one we get asked quite a lot. On our website it says we meet or beat any local competitors price. We don't consider 3 hours away really local. This being said we would consider matching them if they carried the exact item and their prices were lower. You are asking specifically about Keystone Fireworks buy one get one free coupon. We will honor this coupon, but we would also have to honor their prices as well. If you look at our website and compare items you will see quite a difference.These items have different names, but are considered the same type of item. For example: Keystones Smokin' Hot 60 gram canister shells are $179.99. Mess's Excalibur 60 gram canister shells are $69.95. Ketstones Amazing Ballet 500 gram cake is $199.99. Mess's Amazing Ballet (which is the same exact item) is $102.95. Keystones Mini Artillery Shell is $12.99. Mess's Mini Artillery shell is $4.95. Keystones Jumbo Morning Glory is $5.99. Mess's is $2.95. There are many other items that we could compare and will find that Mess's is normally lower in price even without a discount or coupon. So you see the Buy One Get One Free Store is not always a great deal. When you compare prices you notice that stores with this deal often times have 3X the price as well. So the answer to your question is yes, but knowing that most fireworks lovers are savvy as heck I know that you will realize that coming to Mess's will save you money and that you will have a much shorter drive when you come and see us! And we would love to see you John!

Keep On Shooting,


Mel works at Mess's Fireworks and has been in the business of fireworks for over 15 years. Got a fireworks question? Ask Mel...If she doesn't know the answer, nobody does.