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Zombie Grenade


Our New Formulated ZOMBIE GRENADE  Exploding Target is formulated to give off the smell of Human Brain Matter once it is mixed!! In the case of an attack of the UN-DEAD you can mix a "ZOMBIE GRENADE" and place it out in a cleared area which will attract the approaching ZOMBIES with the fresh smell of Human Brain Matter! Once all the UN-DEAD have surrounded the ZOMBIE GRENADE and you are sure there is no living thing within 100 yards of the ZOMBIE GRENADE, shoot the ZOMBIE GRENADE with a .22LR or larger rifle to take out the hoard of UN-DEAD!!! Buy your's now while there's still time!!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by 3/7/16, 04/07/2016

I have shot MANY ex. targets, but this one is the loudest by far. I think the zombie thing is cool from a walking dead fan, but corny, so take it as it is! This thing went off and the neighbors started calling to ask if I knew what that explosion was, and if I was ok, AMAZING SHOCK WAVE!