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Rapid Fire Candle Assortment

Case Count: 8/8
Shots: 40

8 Large Candles. Each package comes with a center tube w/ spike for use as a launcher. Performance: 1. Blue and white glitter w/blue tail, 2. Red, white glitter w/ blue tail, 3. Silver fish and crackling pistil w/ blue tail, 4. Silver fish and blue pearl w/ blue tail. Nice Candle!! 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Greg, 03/24/2016

I got this candle pack to put into a roman candle fan piece that I built. It was great each shot flairs out and then pops with a festival ball sized explosion. It is pricey as far as candles go but is well worth the money because of the effect it produces. I plan on buying a lot more of these in the future. My only suggestion with this candle would be to not let young unsupervised children use it because it is a lot more powerful than a standard candle.