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Detonator Assortment

SKU: TG0164
Case Count: 2/1

Here we go again! This is one "Goes up in the air" assortment. No "little stuff". Everything here is a multi shot. Go big or go home!

1 TG-L927 Halley's Comet 2pcs                      
2 TG-K1130C7 25 Shot Saturm Missile 2pcs                                     
3 TG-K1130C12 100 Shot Saturn Missile 1pc                                     
4 TG-T2507 48 Shot Color Pearl 2pcs                                                 
5 TG-K7702A 36 Shot Happy 1pc                                        
6 TG-T8500A Large Box Snappers 1box                                             
7 TG-L901 7 Shot Garden in Spring 1pc                                             
8 TG-L930 7 Shot Desert at Night 1pc                              
9 TG-0128A 7 Shot Blue Stars 1pc                          
10 L934 Multi Barrel Launcher 1pc                        
11 TG-HN68 Assorted Multi Shot 4pcs                            
12 TGA669 16 Shot Purplicious 1pc                    
13 TGA829 8 Shot 200gm Assortment 4pcs                                       
​14 20 Shot I Pledge Allegience 1pc                      
15 TGA833 9 Shot Desert Fox 1pc                                        
​16 TGA834 9 Shot Jungle Beast 1pc

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