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Critical Acclaim

SKU: KM3381
Case Count: 12
Shots: 8

A World Class exclusive piece, which has been used at Super Bowls and professional shoots across the country. Each case consists of 12 boxes with 8 mine break shells in each box. These shell effects consists of color stars, golden & green comet tails, crackling blue & purple stars, whistling with reports, red comet tail, crackling with reports and red stars, all packed in a variety of colors and different patterns. Try these breaks and see what the “CRITICAL ACCLAIM” is all about.

NOTE: As stated above, this is a MINE effect. This effect is a Extremely popular with Pyrotechnics and crowds love it! But most consumers do not understand what the difference is between a Mine effect and a normal artillery shell.

 Artillery shells are loaded into the tube and shoot the device into the air, at a precise height the shell explodes and produces the desired efect.

Mine Shells are loaded into the tube the same way, but the effect explodes inside the tube and is forced upward into the air. The effect is extremely bright and lights up a large area with the desired effect.  Most people understand this effect best  explained as it looks like a upside down christmas tree shape in the sky.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Don p, 09/09/2017

Just shot this today and let me tell ya this are awesome each one has a great effect and I coundnt get enough of the diff colors and crackling and​ whistles .

Reviewed by Greg M, 07/04/2016

Did not like it, I read the article. There were shells that barely made it out of the tube. More smoke then effect.

Hi Greg! Critical Acclaim is a special type of effect called a mine. This is one of the only shells of its kind that actually breaks inside of the tube and looks like an upside down Christmas tree. Mine effects do not have a ball shooting into the air such as the other mortar kits you might be used to.

Reviewed by Greg , 03/24/2016

This is a must have in any show and is well worth every penny, it really adds variation to the show. The video all be it helpful does not do the shell justice. The shell does fire a lot differently than most other shells so I would recommend testing it in an open area so you know what it does before putting it in your show. The only drawback I have found with this shell is it seems to have a large amount of fallout when compared to your average canister shell, but this is probably expected because this shell does not explode in the air (none of this fallout is on fire just a lot of garbage). Despite that one draw back I would still highly recommend getting this shell. One last thing unlike Hank I fire this shell one at a time because it is a great visual effect and is better appreciated when each shot is allowed to fully burn before the next is fired, maybe one could mix with some simultaneous aerial shells like excalibur for a great mid showpiece of as part of a finale. 

Reviewed by Hank T, 12/04/2011

really COOL effects.Much better to use in multiple shots at the same time. I used a fan rack of 3 per row. Same colors in each row all at same time. GREAT Quality!!! and just lights up the whole area.