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CE AR15 Artillery

SKU: CE1626
Case Count: 3/30
Shots: 30

This is one awesome mortar kit! Cutting edge brand canister shells with mind blowing effects and loud, loud...Loud!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Dino, 12/09/2016

I have tried most of your 2 inch shells and this one is the absolute loudest one on the available list that i have ever shot. I used it in a finale chain fused with the fast fuse in a 10 shot rack, #2 to your locknloads. Lock and loads had better effects with loud bursts, but this one had the best boom with a slightly smaller color display. So I will try one of each in my my next rack alternating for both effects to balance them out. Excalibur is also nice but the shells blow off lower to ground. Not feeling the excall is as safe to use near croud.