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Brothers Container Load

SKU: BP-A046
Case Count: 1/30

A total fireworks show in one package. With Brothers Container Load, you get the best of the best! 29 pieces are in this giant assortment: 3 artillery shell kits, 3 packs of roman candles, 1 pack of helicopters, 1 pack of ground spinners, 10 fountains, 1 pack of crackers, 5 mine cakes and 5 Heavy Weight 500 gram cakes. Contents include: 72 M-Firecrackers, 1 box Fear No Evil Artillery Shells, 1 Bling Bling Multi Shot, 1 Evil Enemy Multi Shot, 1 Matrix Pyro Multi Shot, 1 Magnificent Festival Multi Shot, 1 Independence Day Multi Shot, 1 American Chief Artillery Shell kit, 1 Major Combat 500 Gram, 1 Hydrogen Bomb 500 Gram, 1 Bustling Cities 500 Gram, 1 Mighty Rivers 500 Gram, 1 Saturday Night Special 500 Gram, 1 box Great Moments Artillery Shells, 1 pk Crazy Aces Roman Candles, 1 pk Bambo Bangers Roman Candles, 1 pk American Lancers Roman Candles, 1 Martian Delight Fountain, 1 Hawaiian Rainbow Fountain, 1 Loud Rhythm Fountain, 1 Guardians Fountain, 1 Urban Action Fountain, 1 P.O.W. Rescue Fountain, 1 Refiners Fire Fountain, 1 Eternal Flame Fountain, 1 Hot Potato Fountain, 1 Ecstasy Fountain, 1 Magic Crystal Flying Novelty, and 1 Spinning Top Ground Novelty.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Beck , 06/24/2017

We purchased 1 of them a few weeks ago, it was a nice variety of heavy duty fireworks. Basic easy way out of thinking what the heck would I pick out myself from this huge place.