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$300 Party Show w/ Fountains


Have an upcoming event, party or just looking to set off an amazing fireworks show? Don't know where to start? We have a plan for you! Take a look here for a few booming and beautiful show plans. Just decide on a budget and let us do the rest! This perfect party show includes 500 gram and multi shot cakes with fountains. Use our firing order or make up your own...

Mess's makes this Party Kit especially for you! Please give us 24 hours notice to get it ready by calling or ordering online. We reserve the right to substitute any item with an item of equal value.


1. Colorful Wheel                            10. Avalanche multi shot cake

2. 100 Shot Magical Barrage            11. Just Another Stinkin' Fountain

3. Peach Flower In Spring fountain   12. Tennessee Kicker multi shot cake

4. 48 Shot Color Pearl                     13. Wild One multi shot cake   

5. Cuckoo fountain                         14. Mercurial Bee multi shot cake       

6. Frosty Mug Of Beer fountain        15. Oriental Dragon 500 gram cake      

7. California Illegal multi shot          16. Whiplash multi shot cake     

8. Lava Lamp fountain                    17. 25 Shot Saturn Missile      

9. 100 Shot Saturn Missile              18. Barely Legal 500 gram cake   

                                                    19. Grand Finale: Not In My Yard 500 gram cake

                                                    20. Grand Finale: 25 Shot Saturn Missile

                                                    21. Shoot your free Fast & Furious 500 gram with your finale!

FREE: Fast & Furious 500 Gram Cake with purchase!

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